Why Should I Exercise?

Exercise is beneficial!

Should I exercise/train is a question everyone has asked themselves at least once in their lifetime. Most people know that exercise is good for them but they might not know the full reasons why. There is lots of misinformation out there and some are led to believe that training is not needed and all you need is to do is take a pill. That is not the way to go! Nutrition and training is the key! Training in tandem with good nutrition is the way to reach your health goals whether it is lose weight or to improve health. Not only does exercise help your health, it is also fun!

ANYONE Can Train

Anyone can benefit from exercise, including seniors and those with disabilities. In my experience I have not run into any person that was not able to train due to their disability or injuries. As long as a person has a good trainer or guidance then they have no reason to not train. If you have the mindset to change then positive results will follow!

Losing Weight

Regular training with proper nutrition can lead to weight loss. As explained in our previous articles about calories we have seen that the proper amount of calories in and calories out is the formula for weight loss. However we need to use calories in order to lose weight. That is where exercise comes in! We need exercise to burn any excess calories not used for normal body functions so that they are not turned into fat. When you exercise you also damage your muscle tissue, which requires calories to rebuild itself. Slight muscle gains are created once the tissue is rebuilt but calories are still needed in order to maintain the increased muscle mass. More muscle mass = more calorie usage! This does not mean you will become a bodybuilder when you exercise/weight train but modest gains can be beneficial for losing weight.

Becoming Stronger & Moving Better

On top of losing weight training regularly will lead to better strength gains and movement. Proper movements will lead to lesser chance of encountering a bodily injury. Overall improving movement and gaining strength will also lessen the chance of minor muscular injuries such as shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, etc. Exercise also leads to better strength in bones on top of strengthening muscles. Stronger bones will lead to less of a chance of developing bone disorders in a person’s older years.

Should I exercise? Yes you should!

“The reason I exercise is for the quality of life I enjoy.” – Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper

As you can see there are many benefits to exercising like losing weight and moving better. Countless more benefits are seen when a person exercises regularly. On top of losing weight and gaining strength regular exercise can also lead to another condition called having fun! For many of my trainees having a fun workout is rewarding and they feel it has helped them in their pursuit of their goals. Therefore if you have health goals that you want to achieve or want to begin pursuing setting up a nutrition plan and exercising regularly is a great place to start.


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