Why Should I Do Resistance Training?

Resistance Training = Results

I have heard it all too often from multiple people that all you need to do is cardio to lose weight or be healthy. I will tell you right now that the proper mindset should be that you need to lift weights to be healthy and lose/maintain weight. There is much misinformation out there about lifting. However never fear! In this article we will help clear up any confusion and provide valuable information about how resistance training brings you the results you want. The results can range anywhere from gaining strength to losing weight!

Weight Loss from Lifting Weights

Yes it is true. You can lose weight from lifting weights! Muscles require calories to contract/move and therefore when you use muscles you use more calories. Therefore more muscles being used leads to more calories being used! Another aspect that is forgotten about lifting is that it damages your muscle fibers. That’s the soreness you feel the next day or so. When muscle fibers are damaged your body needs to rebuild them. What is one thing you need to rebuild your muscles? Calories! Energy is required to conduct the processes necessary to rebuild muscle. Another important aspect about resistance training is that resistance training maintains/increases lean body mass. It is important to maintain/increase lean body mass and focus on reducing your body fat percentage in order to lose weight and be healthy.

No you wont get bulky

A fear of some people is that once they start resistance training they will look like bodybuilders. This is not the case! Bodybuilders male and female gain muscle size due to their high calorie diets as well as their high volume training regimens. Regular resistance training allows a person to be healthy and fulfill their health goals without gaining large muscle size. Resistance training 2 – 3 days a week is recommended at minimum in order to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Get Stronger

Everyone knows that you will get stronger from lifting weights but getting stronger is more important than most realize. Gaining strength is essential in being able to live a healthy and productive lifestyle. Getting stronger leads to less chance of developing disease or other degenerative conditions. Additionally on top of strengthening muscles we must also remember that strength training strengthens bones, which is beneficial in preventing future degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis. 

Older Adults + Strength Training = Health

When we are younger we take strength for granted but as we age strength becomes more important than ever. Strength has been correlated to prevention of injury as well as a higher quality of life in middle aged/older adults and persons with disabilities such as Parkinson’s. Gaining more strength, especially lower body strength, also leads to a stronger heart and less likely chance of developing any type of heart disease like high blood pressure, etc.

It’s fun and beneficial!

Resistance training is the only type of exercise that can slow, and even reverse, declines in muscle mass, bone density, and strength that were once considered inevitable results of aging. – Harvard Health Letter

Yes resistance training is a fun experience as you will be able to see progress towards your goals. Bringing variety into resistance training also makes it fun as resistance training can include anything that has mass. A few examples are kettle bells, medicine balls, or your own bodyweight! We have spoken before that exercise will make you feel good and allow you to pursue your goals. So if you haven’t started lifting today do so today and you will get results!



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