What Supplements Are Right For You?

3 Steps To Figure It Out

Have you considered taking supplements but figured that it wasn’t for you? Well, here’s some good news. Supplements are for everyone! They are designed to help you get to your goal by filling in the gaps in your nutrition and boosting your energy levels. Supplements are anything from protein powder, to caffeine, to vitamins. But which supplements are right for you? To determine this, you need to determine your goals, figure out what is currently missing in your nutrition, and decide how fast you want to get to your goal.

1. Determine Your Goals

What do you want to achieve? Do you want to lose body fat or build muscle? Just how much of a change do you want to see? Every person has a unique goal and thus needs a unique blend of supplements tailored to them. If weight loss is your goal, you will likely need a lower calorie protein powder, as well as an energy booster to fight the fatigue of a lower calorie diet. If you want to put on some muscle, you will likely need a protein powder, amino acids, and possibly creatine. Each supplement has a purpose and you need to determine which supplements will help you achieve your goal.

2. Figure Out What Is Missing

What is currently missing from your diet? Do you struggle to get protein? If so, adding a protein supplement will help with that. Do you feel hungry all the time? If so, adding an appetite suppressant can help curb the hunger. The first thing to do is to log your food using an app, like My Fitness Pal. This will tell you if you are low in any nutrients. Look for the gaps in your nutrition and use that as a guideline for which supplements you should take.

3. Determine How Fast You Want To Get There

Everyone wants to say “as fast as possible”. You have to be honest with yourself though. The faster you want to get to your goal, the harder you have to work. You need to be spot on with your nutrition. The human body is capable of a lot but, when it comes to weight loss, there are limitations in order to stay within the the safe zone.

For example, if you want to lose 10 pounds in a month, or 2.5 pounds per week, you need to eat a calorie deficit of 1,250 calories per day. If you are an average female and burn 1,800 calories per day, then that means that you would need to eat 550 calories per day. It’s just a basic math equation. The problem with this is that 550 calories per day is way to low. That’s not a realistic goal and would do more harm than good. To determine how fast you want to get to your goal, you need to do that math to stay within the safe zone while setting realistic expectations.  

How does this apply to supplements, you ask? Various supplements can help you reach your goal faster through a variety of methods, such as restricting carbohydrate absorption and decreasing your appetite. The faster you want to get to your goal, the more supplements you can take to help you get there. Remember, there isn’t a magic pill. Supplements will only help you get to your goal if you’re putting in the work with your nutrition and workouts.

The Missing Element

Supplements are great for everyone. Once you determine your goal, they will help you get there. When you know what is missing in your nutrition, supplements can fill in the gaps. They will also help you get to your goal on time. Talk to one of our trainers today to figure out which supplements are right for you.


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