How To Survive The Holidays Without Gaining Weight

Gobble Gobble!

A chill is in the air and the holidays are upon us. Turkey and ham, giving thanks and stuffing stockings. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But, there is one drawback to the holidays. Many people gain weight from all of the delicious food. It doesn’t have to be this way though! Here is your guide to surviving the holidays without gaining weight.

Appetizers Must Fit On One Napkin

With Grandma’s famous cheese ball or caramel corn, you want to enjoy these once a year holiday treats. You can eat them in moderation though. Follow the one napkin rule. What is that, you ask? All of the appetizers that you eat have to fit onto one napkin, and only ONE napkin. This way, you can eat your favorite appetizers without overdoing it.

Limit Yourself To One Plate At Dinner

You get one plate and that’s it! No going back for seconds. No side plates. Just one plate. This will help you limit the amount of food that you eat. Without this rule, it is too easy to go back and get more of your favorite food just because there is some left. You don’t need it though!

Only Pick Your Favorite Food

We all have our favorite holiday foods and then some food that we could do without. You don’t need to get every single item that is available. Pick your top three to five favorite dishes and only those. If you don’t particularly want the cranberries, don’t grab the cranberries. You don’t need the pie, ice cream, AND whipped cream. Pick one or two of those and leave the third.

Wait On The Dessert

Give your body time to digest your meal before you have dessert. If you rush straight to the pie, your body won’t register just how full you are. For this reason, wait at least 30 minutes before diving into dessert. You will be feeling the full effects of your meal by then which will help you limit your portions. While you are waiting, you can drink a glass of water to further increase your feeling of fullness and help you limit dessert.

Go On A Post-Meal Family Walk

After you’re done eating, spend some family time walking around the block. This will increase your calorie burn while you chat with your loved ones. You can even start a football game to work off the meal! Remember, to avoid gaining weight, you need to burn more calories that you are eating. Getting active after your meal will help you do this.

Your Holiday Survival Guide

Don’t let holiday weight gain get you down! By limiting the portion of your appetizers, sticking to the one plate rule, only eating your favorite foods, and waiting for dessert, you can reduce the number of calories that you consume and avoid those sneaky pounds.


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