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I’ve lost over 60lbs, but have gained so much more with Access Change!

Fitness has always been a mystery; namely, why would nothing work for me? I’ve been overweight and uncomfortable with my body since adolescence. Every Summer I would make the commitment to myself: “This is the Summer I’m going to get in shape!” Yet, no matter how hard I worked out or how diligently I struggled, every Summer would inevitably end with me having to buy slightly larger clothes for the new school year and feeling defeated, depressed, and resigned to the “fact” that I’m just one of those people that can’t change.

So, I grew to accept being heavy, I lost all interest in physical activities and eventually just stopped trying. I mean, honestly, if I work like crazy and still end up the same, what’s the point in trying anymore?

A few years ago, I met Steve socially and he asked about my workout habits, and if I’d be open to going to the gym with him. I just joked: “I’m good. I worked out last year.” We both laughed and the just moved on to the next topic of conversation. He never pressured me or pushed me to do something for which I wasn’t ready.

But, the difference with Steve (and all the excellent trainers at Access Change) is that they don’t quit. They believe in everyone’s potential, truly care, and absolutely believe that ANYONE can change their story, when the time is right. Now, with AC’s help, I’m living proof of that potential.

Since the opening of Access Change in October 2015, by following their evidence based program my life has changed for the better in every way. I’ve opened my mindset to new possibilities, expanded my education, and developed absolute confidence that I am in control of my life. Access Change has taught me the evidenced based practices essential to a healthy lifestyle; how to eat what I enjoy eating and still lose weight. how to enjoy exercising and see real results (what?? did I really just say that??), and what’s best: how to actually achieve my goals and maintain them!

I am the Facility Manager of Access Change and am also a proud paying client. I’ve lost over 60 pounds in just over six months and am well on my way to reaching my first of many fitness goals. I love taking AC’s group fitness classes; they are so well-planned, taught, and fun! I know that I can just show up without having to prepare anything, jump right in, and have an amazing total body workout without any reservations or fears.

My greatest pleasure is to come in every day and spend time with friends and loved ones–both new and old–and share in the success and joy that Access Change has brought to all our lives!

*Results Vary Person to Person

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