[PAST] Fitness Challenge 8/11/2016

Exciting News!

The next Access Change Fitness and Nutrition Fitness Challenge begins on 8/11/2016. This means that now is the time to sign up and get early access to your personal trainer. The challenge will be a 30 Day Transformation Challenge, focusing on Body Fat Loss and Muscle Gain.

That’s right, we’re doing some extra cool things this time around… Including some awesome new giveaways. Last time we gave away a Disney Annual Pass and 7 other awesome giveaways. We’re ready to amp it up a notch. Stay tuned for our new giveaway list.

During our last Fitness Challenge you had the opportunity to earn giveaway tickets. We liked that and will be bringing that back. The focus for earning tickets will still be the habits that promote/produce lasting positive change. There are plenty of fad diets out there that get you to a goal, but none of them help you stay there. We’re fixing that. Our programs are built to last and focus on lifestyle and habit reformation.

Team Up!

We’ll be working in teams this time around. The teams will be randomized, but each group will be paired with a personal trainer. This personal trainer will be your resource. They will teach you everything you need to know to be successful. Also, you’ll meet with them to discuss the focus for each week and to ask your questions (because you’ll have them).

Invite Your Friends!

There will be a form on our fitness challenge page that will allow you to invite your friends. This will mark them as your referral and earn you piles of bonus tickets! We always are more successful when the people we care about aren’t just supporting us, but are involved. That’s one of the ways to create long term health and fitness success in your life.

Strength and Conditioning Sessions

Most of our fitness challenge participants utilize our strength and conditioning classes. These classes are focused, intense, and fun. People also love the flexibility. Our first class is at 5am and our last class starts at 8:30pm! You can find time that works for you!

Personal Training

This time round everyone will be working directly with a personal trainer. Statistics show that our current members (people who already follow and know our program) are more successful than new members in our fitness challenge. That’s because they know the system and the fitness challenge is just some extra motivation to follow it perfectly. New people have to learn the system first and abandon old self-damaging ways of thinking. You definitely want to start this process early and make sure you get the most out of your challenge. Now you can get early access to your personal trainer and start building your program right away.

Fitness Challenge Success Guide

In the next week we’ll be releasing our Fitness Challenge Success Guide. This is an e-book that will lay the foundation for your desired result.

The Link

Check out the challenge here: (accesschange.com/fitness-challenge)


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