Why Do So Many People Struggle to Lose Weight?


Hello Everyone! Steve here, and today I am revealing the practice that will move you toward any lasting positive health or fitness change. If you want to lose weight, you need to read this… Twice.


When it comes to change, specifically a health or fitness change (like losing weight, gaining muscle, etc.), there are a few things you must understand before you can begin. Achieving a goal is a process, it doesn’t happen overnight. You won’t see results tomorrow, or the next day, or the next week. It takes time. If you approach a goal with the expectation of instantaneous, or even “fast”, results, you will only ever be disappointed. Truthfully, if you carry any sort of expectation of what any specific change will look or feel like, you can only ever be disappointed. You can’t predict everything.

Now, why do I say this? It’s not supposed to be discouraging, actually it should be encouraging. Every single day many people stop working towards a goal because it wasn’t going according to plan. It wasn’t happening fast enough, or happening in the way they were expecting. This leads to people thinking there is something wrong with them. This is SO FAR from the truth. The problem in these instances is their plan, not their person.

The Master Plan…

When people begin to work towards health and fitness goals, often they are very excited. People start to visualize everything about their goal. They start to visualize what they will look like at the end. They start to dream about how they will feel, the promotion they will get, or the person that will want to date them. People tend to get very specific with how they want their journey to play out. This is potentially very damaging with the wrong expectations.

Why you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

You can’t predict everything. Nothing, I mean NOTHING, goes exactly as planned. Sometimes the variance is minimal, but usually things go in a direction that we never even considered or expected.

So what does that mean? Should we set specific goals?

The answer is twofold.

Direction over Destination

Setting a very specific goal implies a destination. An end point. Determining that you want to look a specific way, or feel a specific way is dangerous, because your destination may be built on false expectations or understanding. Sometimes those expectations are too large, or rapid, and many times they are too small and end up limiting your progress to what you visualized to start, and not what you are capable of now.

You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.

-Jim Rohn

The preferred, most successful method, is the pursuit of a direction. The pursuit of a lifestyle. Instead of trying to visualize a result that you couldn’t possibly understand (which is very discouraging), choose a direction, formulate a plan for today (not tomorrow or the next day), and execute it to the best of your ability. This way you are thankful for progress, not upset that you haven’t reached your goal. There’s no end point, each day is a new beginning.

Manageable realistic daily plans, that walk you (not run) in a chosen direction. Every day is one step forward, not one step closer, but one step forward. Yesterday is gone. It doesn’t come back. Something new and potentially wonderful is happening right now! Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. Take a step forward today.

This is the secret to success.


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