Life is Fitness

Thinking Outside the Box

I want to “jog” your memories a bit to a time where you felt like you were most fit. For some of us, it’s today. For others further back. And for more than a few of us, much further back. This isn’t an opportunity for us to feel bad or good about ourselves, it’s merely the beginning of an observation.

Fitness is Feeling

First of all, fitness is feeling. Think back to yourself at your fittest. How did you feel? Pretty good I bet. Like you could just about conquer anything. More importantly, I bet you felt capable. You had more energy… Energy you could choose to spend loving your family, spending time with them. That’s the important stuff right there.

Fitness isn’t about looking good… Though that tends to be a benefit. It’s not about being good necessarily… But that, too, is also a benefit. It’s really about being able to do the things you want to do when you want to do them without fear. It’s about feeling more than capable enough to make the decisions that are important to you.

Fitness is Fun

Let’s face it, no one likes to workout. Not in the moment at least. Working out is uncomfortable. You get icky and sweaty. It’s just not that fun of an experience, especially at first. People learn to love it because of how they feel after it. Also, how they feel when they string a bunch of great workout days together (say 365? okay, call me crazy).

Here’s the thing: not every workout has to be this miserable sweat fest. You don’t have to do cardio machines that bore you to death or exercises you hate… You can actually find ways to have fun while exercising (yes, even strength training). The truth is that even if you can’t find some form of exercise you enjoy (P.S. You’re being really stubborn and closed minded), you will enjoy how you feel as a result of it. You can’t argue with the positive feelings that fitness is proven to create. Everybody could benefit from them. Those who take the opportunity for fitness everyday already do.

Fitness is Life

How much easier would life be if we felt like we could handle it? What if we, wait for it, actually could handle it? Wouldn’t that be even better? Furthermore, what if there was something more to fitness, that translated into more than just our physicality. What if it affects our mentality? Maybe it changes our thinking? Helps us grow?

Is there an option for ALL OF THE ABOVE? Because, if so, that would be the correct choice. Do not forget, fitness isn’t something you do for an hour three times a week… Fitness is all day everyday. Fitness is life. And when you live fitness, it gives back generously.

So get out there and take your fitness by the horns. Find fitness in the mind, the body, and the soul. Live each day for the opportunity to learn, change, and grow. Take action and opportunity as they arrive. Say yes to fitness. Say yes to new life.


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