Cold Weather Workout Motivation

Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful

It’s cold and rainy outside. You could go home, get cozy, and eat some soup by a nice warm fire… or you could go workout. Which one do you choose?

It’s easy to take an extra day off from the gym when the warmth of your bed is calling you. The lack of sunshine can leave you feeling more tired. Don’t let the change in weather get you down! Here are 4 tips for cold weather workout motivation. 

Exercise Combats Seasonal Depression

Exercise has been found to help fight depression. When the weather changes, many people feel a degree of seasonal depression. This can be anywhere from severe depression, to feeling higher anxiety and a lack of desire to socialize. Exercise can help with this. Studies have found that exercises produces the same result as an antidepressant and can actually have longer lasting results. It gets the blood flowing, enhances endorphins, and will help fight holiday weight gain. These benefits are a great motivator to workout despite the cold!

Burning Calories Warms You Up

Be your own personal heater. If you’re avoiding working out because it is cold, just remember, you won’t be cold for long. The best way to warm up is from the inside out. Whether it is strength training or cardio, you can work up a sweat. You may even forget that you were cold!

Treat Yourself To a New Winter Workout Wardrobe

Nothing says motivation like a brand new winter workout ensemble. Treat yourself to a new pair of shoes or a new long sleeve athletic shirt. It’s easier to get yourself to the gym when you feel great in your gear.

Your Warm Bed Isn’t Going Anywhere

Your bed will be there for you in an hour. You don’t need to go home and curl up right away. Hit the gym first. Get in a solid workout and THEN you can cuddle up with a blanket on the couch. You have the rest of the night to relax. Get one workout in first.

Fight The Cold

Don’t let the cold weather stop you from working out. Exercise can help fight seasonal depression and keep you warm. Remember, your bed isn’t going anywhere! Treat yourself to some new activewear and you’ll be good to go!


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