5 Ways to Move More Throughout The Day

Combating a Sedentary Lifestyle

Do you sit all day at work? Do your knees, neck, and back ache throughout the day? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you are in good company. The majority of the population spends all day sitting at a desk because it is the nature of today’s workforce. This sedentary lifestyle leads to joint pain and stiffness because your body isn’t able to move. You’re the tin man and movement is the oil that you need to fully use your muscles and joints. Just because your job requires you to sit all day, doesn’t mean you’re out of luck as far as movement goes. Here are five ways to move more throughout the day:

1. Park Farther Away

You can start your day off with more movement by parking farther away. It is in our nature to search for the closest parking spot, but for what? Just to go sit again? Park at the back of the parking lot and take a nice little walk to get yourself moving. This will not only start you off on the right foot, no pun intended, but it will help to wake you up in the morning. This can be applied to any parking lot that you are in. As an added bonus, it’s typically faster to find parking farther away at places like the mall, so you can save time and gas.

2. Take The Stairs

Once you have started your day, avoid the elevator and take the stairs. Both will get you there and picking the stairs over the elevator will kick your muscles into high gear!

3. Take a Walk

This may sound like an obvious one but it is too easy to forget about going for a walk. You sit all day at work, you sit at lunch, you sit in the car, you sit to eat dinner, and then you sit and relax after your long day of sitting. Take a walk on your lunch break. Take a walk with your family after dinner. Going on a walk will go miles for your movement goals.

4. Set an Alarm to Move Every Hour

Grab your phone or watch and set an alarm to add some movement in every hour. This can be standing up and stretching, jumping jacks, bodyweight squats, or any other form of cardio. Pick a time every hour that will realistically work for you and your schedule. Remember, five minutes every hour, for eight hours, is 40 minutes of extra exercise per day!

5. Use The Farthest Restroom at Work

Changing the restroom that you use at work seems so simple but it can really help you move more throughout the day. Chances are, your preferred restroom is the closest one to your desk. Start going up a floor or further down the hall to use the restroom. This will add in some extra walking each time you get up.

Take Action

Moving more throughout the day doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. A small amount of extra movement throughout the day can go a long way. Choose to walk farther away to the store or the restroom and make a point to walk and stretch on a regular basis. This extra movement will help you get to your goal.


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