5 Tools For Surviving Halloween Weight Gain

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is a fun time of year where you can be anything that you want to be. Children can dress as their dream careers and adults can dress as their childhood fantasy. Sounds like all fun and games, right? Everyone knows that there is an abundance of candy this time of year. Seriously, it’s everywhere. Do you feel that it’s tricky to avoid Halloween treats? With candy everywhere you turn, it is way too easy to overeat and gain weight. Don’t worry though! Here are five tools for resisting the candy and surviving Halloween without gaining weight:

Understand What You’re Eating

The biggest factor in losing weight is understanding that it all comes down to how many calories you are eating and how many calories you are burning. Your calorie burn depends on how much lean body mass (muscle) you have and how much you move with that muscle. To avoid gaining weight, you need to eat less calories than you are burning everyday. And remember, it’s your total daily calorie intake that matters for weight management. Every calorie counts!

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

We’ve all heard this phrase before and Halloween is the perfect time to apply it. If there isn’t candy around, then it is less tempting to overeat. You can request that coworkers don’t bring candy, or at least leave it hidden away in a drawer. Another way to keep candy out of sight is by waiting until the very last minute to buy bags of candy for trick or treaters. It is way too easy to “just have one” when you have big bags of candy sitting on your counter.

Find Lower Calorie Alternatives

Another way to ensure Halloween success is by developing a nutrition plan that has lower calorie alternatives to replace candy. You can buy a package of grapes or another sweet fruit to nibble on instead. YOU could be that person that always has a bowl of fresh fruit on their desk. My personal favorite snack this time of year is to slice up an apple and put it in a ziplock bag with a pinch of cinnamon. Shake it up to coat the apple slices and create a tasty, lower calorie treat.

Come Up With a Plan That Includes Candy in a Limited Amount

You don’t have to cut out candy completely. As long as you make a plan that leaves calorie room for candy, you will be fine. Save room in your calories to have one piece of your favorite candy every day. If you plan for one piece per day and make most of the other candy that you buy your least favorite of the bunch, it will be easier to stay on track.

Enlist The Help of a Buddy

The buddy system is a great way to avoid over-indulging on candy. You can both keep each other accountable and motivated. Use a food logging app, like My Fitness Pal, where you both can check each other’s nutrition on a daily basis. Having a buddy that is going through the same program that you are, can really help you stay on track.

No More Halloween Weight Scares

Weight gain doesn’t have to be the scariest part of Halloween. By understanding what you’re eating, keeping candy out of sight, finding lower calorie alternatives, coming up with a plan, and enlisting the help of a buddy, you can make it through Halloween without compromising your goals.


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