5 Reasons Why You Should Be Thankful For Your Body

“Your Body is a Temple”

You’ve heard this phrase before. We all know that we should be thankful for our bodies. The problem is that it’s easy to forget why you should be thankful for your body when you are focusing on what you want to improve. The trick is to LOVE YOURSELF as you are continuing to work on becoming the best version of you. Here are 5 reasons why you should be thankful for your body.

1. Your Arms Can Hug Your Loved Ones

You have arms. You can wrap them around those that you love and hold them close. Your arms can carry your loved ones and stay connected to each other, hand to hand. As long as you take care of your arms, they will work their hardest to continue to do what you need them to do. Be thankful that you have arms.

2. Your Legs Can Take You Where You Need To Go

You have legs. They will take you wherever you need to go. You can run from danger, or jump for joy. As you age, your legs try their absolute hardest to keep you moving. It is essential to use your legs everyday so they can stay strong and healthy. Be thankful that you have legs.

3. Your Body Knows What It Needs

Your body actually knows what it needs. If it needs energy, it will tell you through hunger pangs. If you need water, your body will let you know. When there is something wrong, your body will cause you pain to alert you. Be thankful that your body knows what it needs.

4. Your Body Knows How To Survive

It has mastered the art of survival. Your heart pumps without you thinking about it. Your lungs automatically process oxygen as you inhale and exhale. When you are bleeding, your body stops it and heals all on it’s own. If one thing in your body stops working, it automatically figures out a way to make up for it, such as heightened senses when one goes away. Be thankful that your body knows how and wants to survive.

5. Your Body Is Unique To You

Last but certainly not least, your body is unique. It is yours and no one has the exact same one. You will never show up to prom with the same exact body as another girl. You don’t have to worry about finding your body now marked down on clearance right after you paid full price. There is only one you and you should be so thankful for that!

Be Thankful For What You Have

Your body is there for you when you need it to be. Parts of your body may shut down due to injury, age, or disease, but it tries it’s hardest to give you what you need. It is always on your side. Remember, as you are working on becoming a better you, that you should love yourself just the way that you are! Embrace being you!


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