3 Steps To A Flat Belly

So You Want A Flat Belly?

It’s well into spring and it’s finally warming up. You know what that means. Bikini season is right around the corner. Are you ready to head to the beach or are you still packing on a few pesky pounds? While, there isn’t a magic weight loss pill, all it takes is a little bit of dedication and work. Here are three steps to flatten your stomach and feel your very best.

1. Lose The Extra Belly Fat

The very first thing that you have to do to get a flat belly, is lose the extra belly fat. I know this sounds obvious, but it is constantly overlooked by many men and women. Remember, no matter how much muscle you have, if it is covered by body fat, you won’t be able to see any definition. So how do you do this? You can do as many sit ups as you want, but that is not going to make you lose belly fat. The ONLY way to lose belly fat is by eating less calories than you are burning, a calorie deficit, and losing overall body fat. It is impossible to spot reduce body fat. Trust me, I’ve tried. Science has proven time and time again that you cannot target body fat in specific areas. To lose belly fat, you need to reduce your calories and lower your overall body fat.

2. Activate Your Core Muscles

Do you ever feel like your stomach just won’t stay in? It could be that you need to activate your core muscles. When the inner core muscles are active, they will naturally be able to hold your belly in tighter. This is a crucial step, because without your core muscles engaged, any further core work won’t have it’s desired effect. You can activate your core muscles by lying on your back and practicing pulling your bellybutton in towards your spine.

3. Build and Strengthen Your Core Muscles

Once your core muscles are nice and active, you can work on strengthening and building them. This is important because no matter how much body fat you lose, if you don’t have any muscle underneath, you still won’t have any definition. You need both. The best way to build your core muscles is through strength training. This can be done with weights, body weight, resistance bands, or any other tool to create resistance. Speak with a trainer to learn more specific exercises for your body.

Your Tool To Success

The beaches are calling and nothing should stop you from enjoying the summer sun. If you want to flatten your belly a bit before soaking up the sun, all you have to do is lose the extra body fat by eating less calories, activating your core, and then strengthening your core muscles. These three components are all crucial to your progress. For more information on achieving your ideal shape and health level, speak with a trainer today!


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